Shopping in Sumatra

Much of September 2016 was spent in West Java and Sumatra, Indonesia, leading a birding trip for While most of our time was spent bird watching plenty of overland travel gave us opportunities to see the scenery and culture of these two islands. On one bus journey we made an early morning stop at a local market to buy fruit and it was extremely busy with ladies buying fresh supplies for the day. In their colourful clothes the ladies of the market made a tempting subject for a photo and when this lady stopped to cross the road carrying her shopping I could not resist.

Although light levels were low due to cloud and light rain a wide aperture and lots of shots got me this very pleasing result; I would like to think that the chicken was being purchased for a long and useful life as an egg-layer.

It was 20 years since my last visit to Indonesia but I found that it was still a vibrant, friendly and interesting country where I felt safe to wander around taking photos of the scenery and culture. It will not be 20 years until my next visit to Indonesia, indeed I am already planning my next visit.

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