Monk at Angkor Wat

Although my trip to Cambodia was to lead a bird watching tour, there was plenty of opportunity to a bit of “touristing”, particularly during our visit to Cambodia’s most famous attraction: Angkor Wat. The stonework of this huge temple complex is really beautiful but in the harsh morning light it was quite difficult to photograph the details well and from a distance the temple appears as a mass of grey stone so it was a very welcome splash of contrasting colour that this Buddhist monk provided by way of his saffron robes.

Although this photograph looks like it is posed I actually took a series of shots from some distance away hoping for the best and got lucky with this shot of the monk looking a little mystic and wise in his temple retreat. In actual fact he was a tourist just like the rest of us taking photos with his mobile phone which, luckily, in this shot is hidden in his right hand.

Angkor Wat is certainly a great place for photographers and although it has been photographed by all and sundry there remain lots of interesting shots for those who look for them (or those who just get lucky).

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