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Steaming Sea in South Korea

In January 2016 I led a bird watching tour to South Korea. Although we expected cold weather we had not bargained for the unusually severe conditions that we ended up with. East Asia experienced some of the coldest weather conditions on record and we regularly encountered temperatures of -15C; this did not stop us from […]


Namhansanseong fortress walls are a UNESCO World heritage site in South Korea, close to the capital city, Seoul. In June 2015 I took a day trip from Seoul to visit this site where there is a lot of beautiful forest surrounding the impressive walls and I spent a day bird watching and admiring the view […]


These Nokdujeon were photographed (and eaten) at Gwangjang Market in Seoul, South Korea. These are made from mung beans and sold cheaply from market stalls and having seen them on travel programs on TV I hunted them out on my first day in Seoul (9th June, 2015). They were large enough to share and were […]

Banpo Bridge

Banpo Bridge crosses the Han River in Seoul, South Korea and at regular intervals during the day a series of water jets are coordinated with music to create a fountain show. At night this becomes quite spectacular by adding lighting to the water jets. In June 2015 I was one of many people trying to […]