Bayon Faces

Over the last few weeks I have been leading a birding tour to Cambodia, but not without also visiting the world famous Khmer ruins of Angkor Wat and surrounding temples. I have visited this site in the past but it did not make a second visit any less spectacular. At the peak of the Khmer Empire between the 11th and 13th centuries Angkor was the largest city in the world and it is amazing to think of the huge numbers of labourers that must have been needed to complete constructions of this magnitude – the moat alone is an incredible piece of engineering that would take years to dig even with modern machinery. However, like many other people, my favourite temple is Bayon with its many faces – here is one of the most photographed parts of Bayon.

The temple of Bayon is at the centre of Angkor Thom and is one of the most impressive ancient structures in the world. Visiting is fun as it is possible to walk around several levels of the temple and get really close to the faces as can be seen in my photograph. The carvings around the side of the temple are impressive, showing many scenes from the daily lives of ancient Khmer people and for bird watchers like myself, there were carvings of quite a number of recognizable birds.

I had a great trip to Cambodia and I am sure to be visiting again in the not too distant future.

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